Multiplier events in the Netherlands

We were lucky to be able to organize several face-to-face Multiplier Events on sunny September days. For each event, we could invite only a few participants, so we also organized two online meetings. Participants truly enjoyed meeting new people after five months of effective lockdown, so spirits were high from the start. Importantly they were also happy and impressed to discover the CIT4VET catalogue and the wealth of information it offers. We welcomed them and gave an overview of what they could expect from the meeting, then introducing the CIT4VET catalogue as such, focusing on the training materials and the guide to developing simulations. During the face-to-face meetings, we then invited our guests to write down their favourite intercultural training tools and to classify these in terms of the key learning demands on their participants. We took a closer look at the tools listed in the CIT4VET catalogue in a playful fashion. We had prepared stacks of cards, with each card referring to one of the tools in the catalogue. Participants took turns pulling a card, which then led us to the tool listed in the catalogue. For most of the events, we also conducted one of the exercises listed, i.e., the Fast Friends exercise developed by Elizabeth Page-Gould, Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, and Linda R. Tropp and published in 2008 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (see the CIT4VET link). In pairs, participants started to ask each other the intriguing, enjoyable questions that this exercise provides to turn strangers into friends. And regardless of whether the event was F2F or online, participants always returned to the plenary with a smile on their face. The event ended with a short presentation on Trends in the (intercultural) Field, and a lively discussion. As far as we can tell, participants truly enjoyed the events, meeting new people and learning about the CIT4VET project.