German Multiplier Event – Experiencing the Outcomes of the CIT4VET-Project

On 24th and   30th September 2020 assist International HR organised two multiplier events to spread the results of two year of international collaboration on the EU-funded project CIT4VET – Open Online Catalogue of Intercultural Tools for Vocational Education Training.

Due to the current pandemic crisis the event was held online. However, as the presented platform consists primarily of a database of selected and categorized online tools the oppportunity, to present online was, in this case, a helpful addition to underline the relevance of online accessible material for intercultural training.

The participants of the multiplier event came mostly from the field of teaching, training and coaching. This is why they were perfect multipliers for CIT4VET: Not only were they personally interested to learn more about a platform that would help them designing their own training. In fact, a few introductory questions showed that most respondents would find it “very helpful” to have a database of intercultural tools ready to use for their training. The participants were also an ideal target group because they would be able to spread their knowledge about the tool in their own future training.

The reactions to the presentation of the CIT4VET products were very positive. In general, the discussions showed that participants recognized the relevance of intercultural topics in VET and agreed on the advantage of having an intercultural database, material for self-study and input for the cultural diverse classroom in one place.

Participants showed their enthusiasm about CIT4VET also by contributing with ideas and suggestions on how to spread CIT4VET even better among the training community and intercultural institutions.

All in all, the German multiplier event held by assist International HR contributed to make the results of two years’ intense collaboration of seven international partners from six countries a realized among the intercultural training community.