2nd Partner Meeting

On 11th and 12th June 2019 partners from six EU-countries involved in the CIT4VET EU-Project met in Torino, Italy to discuss the forthcoming progress of the project. The partners focused on two main topics:

Collection of intercultural tools
For the past eight months the partners had been working on the first goal of the project: They gathered and described intercultural tools to be used in a culturally diverse classroom by VET-trainers. These activities resulted in an overview in tabular form. During the meeting in Torino the partners discussed the practicality of the gathered tools, the degree of difficulty of the tools and aligned their findings in order to get one coherent, final grid by the end of the month of June 2019. The grid is now being mplemented

Presentation of training material
As a second task of the first eight months of the CIT4VET Project, the partners developed content for online training modules containing basic concepts of intercultural theories. The partners presented five modules to answer the following questions:
1. What is culture?
2. How can we explain and visualise culture with cultural models?
3. How do we notice the impact of culture on VET?
4. How can resulting stumbling blocks be overcome?
5. Which are the most current trends in the intercultural field?

Additionally, the training content also contains an outline on how to develop intercultural simulations, which are a tool to create and enhance awareness for other cultures.

During the 2nd meeting, the partners discussed successfully the need to align cultural input between the different materials and the importance of balancing knowledge and cognitive understanding and practical application. To get an impression of the commitment to and engagement of partners in the project please have a look at the video below.
The 3rd meeting in Rzeszów (Poland) in January 2020 will be the next opportunity to discuss the next steps of the project: The user’s guide and the testing phase of the online product.